About Made in Bow

Made in Bow is a new exhibition and events programme which will take place May- August 2013 at the Nunnery Gallery. The exhibition will include works of Bow Porcelain from the Newham archive, shown alongside contemporary art works produced by three Bow Artists.

Bow Porcelain was produced over 250 years ago at the Bow Porcelain Factory, less than half a mile from the Nunnery Gallery on Stratford High Street. Today the factory is long since gone and the site is undergoing major redevelopment. The Made in Bow project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and London Borough of Newham, aims to find ways to for people to experience the ways this local history is relevent today through an exhibition, a guided walk, workshops in a local school and a film documenting the project.

This blog documents various stages of planning and production of the project- what goes on behind the scenes before the eventual display of historical and contemporary artifacts which you will experience in the gallery, or as part of the event programme.

The aims of Made in Bow

The Nunnery Gallery will find three artists to carry out a research and practice residency in the following ways:

  • by visiting the archive and selecting artifacts which will be displayed in the gallery as part of the Made in Bow exhibition
  • by exhibiting their own art work alongside the Bow Porcelain
  • by finding out more about an aspect of the Bow Porcelain story which interests them, and developing ideas for the exhibition programme (talks, workshops or performances)

In order to apply for the project Bow Artists will be asked to respond to the following questions:

Which area of Bow Porcelain and archive are you most intersted in and why?

What work do you hope to produce in response? (or select from existing work)

Can you suggest any programme (talks/ events/ visits/ public workshop) that might further engage an audiene with your work and the Bow Porcelain context

Bow Artists will also be able to find out more about Bow Porcelain through the Victoria and Albert Museum and Museum of London who both also have a collection of Bow Porcelain artifacts.


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