Blue Print workshop with Felicity Hammond

Bow Porcelain artist Felicity Hammond has been planning a workshop for the public  involving looking, walking and making outdoors. 

Bow Arts Installation24

Felicity Hammond, Thomas Frye Court, 2013, Cyanotype

Anyone who has seen Felicity’s beautiful cyanotype print in the Made in Bow exhibition will be familiar with her cyanotype print which encapsulates images of the site of the Bow Porcelain factory then (1740’s- 60’s) and now (2013). This detailed image Thomas Frye Court is constructed with the juxtaposition of imagery depicting our aspirational aesthetic- at the time of the factory mythical oriental landscapes, and in our present day a new development of flats. The overall style of the print alludes to the decoration of Bow Porcelain plates produced in the factory. Yet here, as well as depictions of oriental- style countryside we have construction sites, and in place of a fine brushwork pattern we have arrangements of scaffolding poles.

In this, and her previous work Felicity has developed a practice of layering visual records and producing a summary image of of time passing in a particular place. She is now offering to share this process with everyone booked onto her workshop on 20th July. The session begins at the Nunnery with a tour of the Made in Bow exhibition and the group will then journey outdoors to a spot near to the site of the original factory. Here the group will all make their own visual recording of an object found at hand, using sunlight to expose cyanotype paper and truly capture the moment. The group will then return to the Gallery to wash out and reveal their print, and then are free to take it home.

More information on the event below:

Saturday, 20 July 2013 from 15:00 to 17:00

Join Made in Bow artist Felicity Hammond in a two hour session and experience for yourself the places and processes which inspired her work.

Felicity has a background in producing large- scale digital prints which have been manually collaged, layering moments of time into one believable image. For the Made in Bow exhibition, Felicity chose to work in cyanotypes as a response to her research into the architectural plans of the original Bow Porcelain factory, and the colour palette of wares produced. Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that gives a cyan-blue print, and is used in engineering to produce blue- prints.

This workshop will begin at 3pm with an informal introduction to the Made in Bow exhibition. Felicity will talk through her research and work she created inspired by her interest in the physical site and history of the Bow Porcelain factory.

The second part of the session will take place outdoors. After the introduction, Felicity will lead you to the site of the original Bow Porcelain factory and along the way explain the photographic techniques she uses as part of her image- making process.

You will have the opportunity to create your own cyanotypes! Felicity will first explain how to create prints using objects or images, exposing them using sunlight onto specially prepared paper.  You can spend about half an hour making your own ‘blue- print’ with cyanotype paper provided.

Felicity will lead you back to The Nunnery where you will have enough time to develop the paper, reveal and discuss the results.

To book, visit here:

Walk and Workshop with Felicity Hammond

For more information on Felicity’s work please visit:

Felicity Hammond


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